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    Dr Ralph Kerle

    Creative Leadership Coaching | Innovation Strategy | Design Thinker | Innovation Management/Metrics| Speaker

    Driving Value and Growth Through Creative Insight


  • I am passionate about using the power of insights to bring about change in individuals' creative thinking and, through applying that creativity, driving value and growth in organizations.

  • I take great pleasure seeing the faces of my clients and their senior leaders as they discover their own creative capabilities, unearth their passions and watch with delight as they act with intention, taking off into new moments and new journeys equipped with new ways of thinking ready to face and conquer the next challenges at work and in their own lives.

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    Named by IBM as one of the world's 100 Global Creative Leaders, Dr Ralph Kerle is an internationally respected strategist and thought leader in management innovation. His framework "Developing Organizational Creativity Capabilities" takes a whole of systems approach to innovation and its practice in organizations.

  • Types of Organizations I Best Add Value To

    Organizations who are ready to grow through innovation and don't know how to.

    Organizations who want to move from the continuous improvement process into breakthrough creative thinking as a method of operating.

    Organizations who are willing to dedicate resources to develop a senior leadership team capable of leading and facilitating organizational creativity, and its outcome, innovation

    Organizations who recognize they want to transform from a business as usual organization to

    a 21st Century creative thinking organization

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    Defense Contractors and Suppliers

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    Digital Services

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    Financial Services

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    Management Consulting

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    Financial Products

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    Global Infrastructure and Property

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    Health Care

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    Human Resources.

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    Sporting Organisations


    Creative Leadership

    Developing the Leadership Team to Work Creatively and to Manage and Implement Innovation

    The Innovation Plan

    Envisioning The Possibility, Defining the Purpose and Direction


    The Technology Platform

    Making Strategic Thinking Tangible

    The Training

    Developing the Organization's Creative Capability

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    My research over the last decades shows organizations have spent substantial sums on building creativity and innovation capabilities,
    motivating employees to participate, only to see their innovation investment come to very little. Organizational anecdotes abound about
    exciting ideas with strong leadership support reaching the point of final decision making only to see them blocked for a whole series of

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    The Importance of Definition in the Language of Creativity and Innovation


    One of the most difficult aspects around creativity and innovation is the language, definitions and usage of the terms in conversation. Creativity and innovation are often used synonymously creating confusion among all parties.My main task initially...more


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    Can Australia Become the World's Leading Innovation Nation?

    When the new Prime Minister of Australia and his new cabinet ministers all started using the word "innovation"  twice or three times in their
    first media appearances, my ears pricked up decisively. Was it possible Australia was on the verge of finding the beginnings of a new national voice or better still returning to its deep heart, the very DNA that founded the country - innovation and adaptation - in order to survive?  The Prime Minister's use of the word "innovation" ....more

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    The Power of Paradox in Innovation


    In the past decade, I have listened to many leaders across all sorts of industries and organisations dialogue about innovation but very rarely have I seen organisations actually embody and live the outcomes of these dialogues.  Facilitated dialogues and workshops with the endorsement and often participation of company leaders invariably leave participants highly enthused. Yet very often after a relative short period of time, organisations absorb this optimism and little changes.....read more


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    Practice Currently Fails Perception: A Study on Innovation in the Services Industry in Australia

    Accurate analysis around innovation activity in services and the services industry in the Australian economy is very difficult to track down.

    Firstly there are issues of definition of what the services industry actually constitutes and possibly lots of overlap with other supposed “non-service” categories such as Agriculture, Manufacturing and Mining & Resources.

    Secondly there is a paucity of understanding of how the innovation systems in services ...READ MORE


    To experience the blind spot, place your finger over the middle seam between the two blocks. Cover that middle area with your finger completely and watch as the contrast completely changes.

    The cumulative creative behaviours of senior leadership teams offer a strong indicator of whether an organization can successfully work their way through an innovation or transformation initiative. I stumbled across this phenomenon when I started to witness impediments and then the breakdown of well intentioned and well planned innovation initiatives on an organizational scale.

    It was clear to me these impediments occurred at senior levels not because of any deliberate subterfuge. They occurred because of “the blind spot phenomena”...more


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    The Current Climate

    With the US economy finally starting to turn around, China continuing to grow, albeit a little slower, and the awakening of global regional economies with relatively stable governments such as Central and South East Asia, skilful strategic innovation that can be measured will emerge in 2014 as a key organizational capability.

    Yet, for all the millions of articles, interviews, tweets and videos offered almost daily on the topic of innovation, there is little real understanding and experience at senior leader levels ...more .


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